In August 2014, Olivia Josephine Care Limited launched the ‘OJC Community Foundation (OJCF)’.

It was created with the recognition that there are important equal needs for the care giver and the care receiver alike. Not only will OJCF provide second-to-none, award winning respite care for those in need, it will also provide, in turn, funds for their carers to take a well-earned break.

There’s absolutely no shame in recognising that we’re all human, and that no matter how much we might love someone, everyone needs to ‘recharge their batteries’, to let someone else take the burden temporarily. In order to remain useful as a carer, and for one’s own health and wellbeing, it’s essential to take a break from what can be, sometimes, a difficult process.

Paul Swithenbank, the Founder and Chairman of Olivia Josephine Care had the inspiration to create the foundation, having met many carers who all said they’d take a well-earned short rest from caring for a loved one if they could only afford it.